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Accounting and Tax Application

Accounting and Tax Application

In 2002, Accounting and Tax Applications Program has started with the without enterance examination by the transition protocol framework of Ministry of National Education and Council of Higher Education cooperation in the Ege University Bergama Techical and Business College. The program continued in Aliağa Multi-Program High School until 2005. In 2005, the program moved to Bergama after completing the physical conditions and infrastructure facilities. In 2009, the name of the program was changed to Accounting and Tax Applications. It provides education as secondary education.

Production-Oriented Intermediate Member!


Program Profile

Aim of the Accounting and Taxation Program is to educate for qualified intermatiate members who have the ability to respond to the demands of public and private sector with global accounting and auditing standards knowledge that is important nowadays when economic activities are monitored by computerized database systems; who can speak at least one foreign language, can use computer and web based programs and applications, follow professional legislation, renew themselves continuously, have sustainable learning motivation and discipline, and can provide services at the highest level in accounting, finance, tax and auditing. The general purposes of program outcomes are to be able to recognize the basic concepts and documents related to accounting, to comprehend the principles related to balance sheet and income table regulation from financial statements, to edit financial statements in computer environment and to use accounting related package programs, understanding the place of tax law in the legal system, comprehending the application of resources, basic concepts about taxation, taxation process.


Training Application Areas and Program Facilities

Computerized Accounting Computer Laboratory

Career Opportunities

Students who have graduated from the Accounting and Tax Application Program can work in the accounting offices, accounting departments of foreign trade and finance institutions and accounting services of commercial enterprises. They can also work in any department of financial institutions. Program graduates work as assistant members in the offices of Certified Public Accountants and Sworn-In Certified Accountants. Those who complete the program,after a four-year education in a faculty, and fulfill other legal requirements can get the title of “Certified Public Accountant” if they are successful in the exams made by the Turkish Association of Certified Public Accountants.


Access to Other Higher Education Programs

Students who have successfully completed Accounting and Tax Application Program can continue their education at the faculties giving undergraduate education if they are successful in the DGS (Vertical Transfer Exam) exam. Undergraduate Programs for Graduates of Accounting and Taxation Programs:
  • • Business Administration
  • • Economics
  • • Finance
  • • Public Administration
  • • Logistics Management
  • • International Finance
  • • International Business
  • • International Trade
  • • International Trade and Finance.
It is also possible for graduates to apply again to the university exam and continue with exemption from previous courses in case of enterance a related program in their field.

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