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Tourism Animation

In 2014-2015 academic year, E.Ü. It was established as an associate degree program within Bergama Vocational School. The purpose of the Tourism Animation program; to train contemporary animators who examine every aspect of entertainment and art from various perspectives, have basic knowledge about these issues, transfer the cultural diversity and richness of Anatolia to foreign guests, adopt ethical values, aware of the realities of the world and adopt the importance of lifelong learning

Animators of the future are here!


Program Profile

  • • Basic art courses
  • • Dance-sport and stage practice courses
  • • Theoretical courses on tourism sector
  • • Compulsory two foreign languages
  • • Computer courses

Educational Application Areas and Program Opportunities

•Children-sports and stage animations in various tourist facilities
•All areas of communication in organization companies
•Acting-dancing in state-sponsored or subsidized theaters

The Tourism Animation program, whose infrastructure is under construction, has a multi-purpose studio in Bergama Vocational School. In the following dates, the construction of 1 additional building with sound insulation is planned for the program.



Occupational Profiles of Graduates

Students who graduated from the Tourism Animation program;
• In every area of the tourism sector, including 'entertainment' (animation department, etc.)
• In private or paid theaters (player-dancer-stage worker positions)
• They can be employed in areas such as various organization companies. (special day and night organizations)



Transition to Graduate Programs

Students who have obtained an associate's degree from the Tourism Animation Program can apply to the undergraduate programs of the related departments (Department of Tourism Animation).

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