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Control and Automation Technology

Control and Automation Technology

In 2005, in order to make efforts to improve the school physical conditions and infrastructure facilities, the laboratory environment was prepared in the newly constructed B Block building in Bergama and program approvals were taken and opened with the name of Industrial Automation.

Technologie To Touch!

It covers electronic circuit elements, current-voltage relationships and industrial applications in their communication and interaction with peripheral devices in general electronics, electronics and industry-based electronics.


Program Profile

  • • Basic Common Courses,
  • • Electrical Circuit Analysis, Design and Drawing Courses
  • • Basic Electronics and Automation Courses
  • • Supervisory Programming Courses
  • • Practice Courses


Access to Further Studies

Candidates who have successfully completed Associate Degree education can continue their education and training in faculties giving undergraduate education if they are successful in Vertical Transfer Exam(which known as DGS in Turkey). It is also possible to go back to college exams and continue with exemption from previous courses in case of a break in their field.

Employment Profiles of Accomplishments

  • • Businesses in Electrical, Electronics and Automation Workshops
  • • Electronic Card Assembly Facilities
  • • In Automation System Design and Control
  • • Research and Experiment centers
  • • In device services
  • • At educational institutions
  • • Medical Device Representatives

Can work as ”Automation Technician”.


Training Application Areas and Program Facilities

In our program, especially applied courses are carried out in Electronic and Automation Control Labs (120 sqm) and Computer Labs (120 sqm + 70 sqm), infrastructure is provided with external supports and it is able to perform any kind of application in large scale.

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