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Who are we

Our Collage is an institution that cares about the inovation technology environment human

Our school, which has graduated from thousands of students with a 28-year history, is the second in all Vocational Schools within the Ege University within the 2021-2022 academic year and the 1st degree in the Vocational Schools of the periphery. is a leading institution.


Our Mision

To contribute to the development of the economic and social structure of the country and to educate researchers and productive technicians who can adapt to the changes and use the developing technologies with the professional knowledge and skills by carrying out the education in production.

Our Vision

To be a leading educational institution that provides vocational education and services throughout Turkey, in cooperation with equivalent educational and research institutions that meet educational, research and service needs.

Our quality policy

To be a vocational school that;

Implements the quality management system within the framework of a management approach based on participation, productivity, trust, mutual respect and affection,

Ensures the satisfaction of the students with the quality of education.

Trains educated graduates by conducting education and training services in accordance with the requirements of the age.

Adopts the principle of continuous improvement and development by closely following the scientific and technological developments,

Creates suitable environments for its employees to be productive and creative.

Serving the whole of Turkey, not a regional one,

Has adopted the understanding of an educational institution that adds value to the region and the country.

Prepares and develops its own documents.

Leading in its field.

Academical personal

It has sufficient staff in all programs with its expert staff.


All Programs have areas where they can implement and they have the latest technology and equipment equipped with these areas.


Within the scope of IZKA Project, with a budget of ₺ 450.000 , it has the only agricultural analysis laboratory in the region.


Quality Management System, which has been continuing since 2010 and is considered worldwide, is a rare educational institution with ISO9001 certificate.


It is an institution which can prepare İZKA-BAP-TÜBİTAK Projects especially EU Projects.

Current Capital

Greenhouse, fungus and clothing production technology, especially in accordance with the demands of the university and the industry in accordance with the environment carries a school-like feature.
















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