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Computer Programming Program

In the academic year of 2005-2006, it was opened in Bergama Vocational School. Computer technology and programming is the science of computer use, software construction, hardware maintenance and repair, and installation and management of computer networks. Program, the public and private sector operating in the computer sector with the title of Computer Programming Technician trainers. Target of the Department: Equipped with the information in the computer branches, the problems faced by different perspectives to produce solutions, comprehensive and abstract thinking, independent thinking ability and the ability to make analysis, to be able to use the information for these purposes graduates aim to be a department.

Trainings of the latest software are provided!

The maximum number of students is limited to 40 units per year. This number is arranged to drop a computer to each person in the computer lab. Students who are accepted to our department are allowed to apply independently in their own branch courses.


Program Profile

  • • Programming Basics
  • • Software Architectures, Software Installation and Management
  • • Mathematics, Professional Mathematics, Foreign Language, Professional Foreign Language
  • • Database, Database Management
  • • Visual Programming, Graphic Animation
  • • Server Operating Systems, Open Source Operating Systems
  • • Network Basics
  • • Object-based programming

Educational Application Areas and Program Opportunities

  • Computer Laboratory
  • Automation Laboratory for Automation Software

Occupational Profiles of Graduates

  • • He works in the hardware and software fields of computer companies.
  • • Large and medium-sized enterprises with software and software development units;
  • • There are job opportunities in both private and government sectors (municipal, hospital, etc.)
  • • In addition, our students can come together with their own efforts to establish a company.

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  • Qualified Instructor
  • Bologna Compatibility
  • Infrastructure Adequacy

Working Area

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