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Qualified personnel oriented towards production!


Program Profile

  • • The establishment of a modern mushroom farm,
  • • Ensuring the desired climatic conditions in the production of cultured mushrooms,
  • • Mushroom cultivation,
  • • Detection of the problems encountered in rearing and solutions,
  • • Recognition of the diseases and pests encountered,
  • • Taking cultural precautions against diseases and pests,
  • • Conservation and marketing of harvested mushrooms,
  • • The biology, physiology and mycological characteristics of fungi are given theoretically and practically.


Access to Other Higher Education Programs

If students who complete education successfully will win DGS, they continue Agricultural Engineering Food Engineering and Department Nutrition and Dietism.

Employment profile of graduates

Mushroom cultivation shows a very rapid development in our country. But the desired dimensions have not yet been achieved. The main reason for this is that the consumption of mushrooms is not sufficient in our country and that our people do not have enough knowledge about mushrooms. At present, job opportunities are mainly in the private sector as well as being able to provide job opportunities by their own grower who have the title of technician. However, if we take into account the rapid development of fungi in our country, we will be able to find a job as a big sector in the near future. It can work with the title "Mushroom Technician".


Training Application Areas and Program Facilities

  • • 2 production rooms of 35 m2 with computer controlled climate control,
  • • Compost preparation platform with 120 m2 area,
  • • 1 compost pasteurization room of 20 m2,
  • • 20 m2 mycelial inoculation room,
  • • 1 material depot with 16 m2 area,
  • • There is a student practice and rest room with 25 m2 area
  • • 1 mushroom laboratory is available.

Our Educational Site

  • Coordinator: Assist. Prof. Dr. Erkan EREN
  • Telephone: +90(232) 631 28 61 - Internal:7725
  • Email: erkan.eren@ege.edu.tr

Working Area

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