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Electronic Technology

Electronic Technology

With the transition protocol for students who start high school cources of Electricity, Industrial Electronics, Chemistry, Machinery and Accounting Programs were opened im 2002 after the Ministry of Education and YOK cooperation realized. These programs were trained at Aliaga Multi-Program High School until 2005. In 2005, in order to improve the physical conditions of the program and the infrastructure facilities, the Laboratory environment was prepared in the newly constructed B Block in Bergama and the program moved here. In 2009 the name of the program was changed to Electronic Technology. The purpose of the Electronic Technology Program is to train qualified intermediate staff in the field of Electronics.

Training on the latest software has been given in the field!

The number of the students who will start our programs every year is limited to fifty.


Program Profili

The purpose of the Electronic Technology Program is to train qualified intermediate staff in the field of Electronics. This course covers electronic circuit components, current-voltage relationships and industrial applications in general electronic and industry-based electronics. In the first year of the program, circuit elements, properties of connections, circuit analysis and in the the second year of the program operational amplifiers and circuit applications, programming of microprocessors, controller connections, circuit designs, and automation systems are shown. First the teories were given to the students the application areas and methods of these theories in the industry are shown. The scope of these applications; Circuit Analysis and Design, Operational Amplifiers and Applications, Automatic Control and PLC,

Career Opportunities

  • • Electricity and Automation Workshops of Enterprises,
  • • In Electronic Workshops of Enterprises,
  • • Computer Maintenance Laboratories,
  • • Electronic Card Assembly Facilities,
  • • In Research and Experiment centers,
  • • In device services,
  • • In educational institutions,
  • • The graduates can work with the title of Electronic Technician in Medical Device Representative

Training Application Areas and Program Facilities

In our program, especially applied courses are carried out in Electronic and Automation Control Labs (120 sqm) and Computer Laboratory (120 sqm + 70 sqm) and the infrastructure is provided with external supports and is capable of performing all kinds of applications in large scale.

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