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EGETAL Agricultural Analysis Laboratory

EGETAL Our Agricultural Analysis Laboratory has successfully passed the first year of 2018 Toprak Organic Matter Determination and Qualification Test in Soil Tay which has been carried out twice a year by the General Directorate of Agricultural Reform, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock.

About to Agricultural Analysis

The Fertile Soil Project in Bergama was proposed by the Aegean University Bergama Vocational School to the Izmir Development Agency under the Agriculture and Rural Development Financial Support Program of 2009 and was approved to be supported. Bergama Agriculture Chamber became a partner with 25% share. Within the scope of the project, a modern Soil, Water and Plant Analysis Laboratory, which is needed for a long time, has been acquired in Bergama and the region. The building of the laboratory provided by the internal equipment project Koza Altın İşletmeleri A.Ş. was donated to our Vocational School on behalf of the project.

EGETAL Agricultural Research Laboratory established within the scope of Ege University Bergama Vocational School of Greenhouse Program, has the aim of increasing the competitiveness of agriculture and agriculture-based industry by using the agricultural areas in the region correctly and enabling the agricultural structure, ensuring food security and security and ensuring sustainable use of natural resources. to contribute to the formation of agricultural structure. In this context, in the first stage; Soil analyzes of 200 farmers determined by the Bergama Chamber of Agriculture were carried out free of charge. Farmers' training meetings were held periodically with three scientific seminars in the district and the importance of analysis was explained to farmers and thus they were helped to make correct and conscious fertilization and production. The project also aims to establish the infrastructure for sustainable cooperation between the Ege University Bergama Vocational School and the Bergama Chamber of Agriculture, and this association is intended to be an example for other agricultural enterprises and organizations in the region.

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