Firstly, our program was established in 1994-1995 as "Fashion Apparel Program". From 2010-2011 education period, it was entitled “Garment Manufacturing Technology”.

Production-Oriented Intermediate Member!

Production planning, model design, collection and sample preparation in the apparel industry, all stages of the product until the end of the production, to produce qualified intermediate staff for production.


Program Profile

The courses in this program aims to develop the student's skills in scientific investigation and decision.. Throughout the course, the theoretical content of the course subjects is given an industrial-oriented education through the existing apparel machines. As a result, it is aimed at strengthening the skills and practice acquired at school and reconciling with the work. In this program, technical candidates are transferred to working life by passing through technological and sectoral training which is developing. The program includes compulsory courses on garment production and general culture. In addition to compulsory courses, the curriculum is reinforced by the elective courses offered to the students.


Access to Degree Programs

If students who complete education successfully will win DGS, they continue Textile Engineering Department.And Teacher Training In Ready Made Clothing

Employment profile of graduates

Technicians work textile and apparel plants as planning, pattern, cutting, sewing, quality control department, and customer representative.


Training Application Areas and Program Facilities

Apparel Workshop
Apparel CAD Laboratory
One of the most important aspects of our program is the practice studies supporting the theoretical education. In our workshop, which is supported by all kinds of flat and special sewing machines, cutting systems, ironing and production systems, students are made applications suitable for sewing process. Clothing CAD laboratories have been carrying out studies for preparation of dressing patterns, preparing of grading and cutting plans.

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